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I had just watched a training video at CardRunners and wanted to attempt raising every hand from the button.

I was just playing a normal session and figured I should boot up the recording software to make a video.

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CTS, the CardRunners pro, had mentioned doing this himself for a week straight in order to improve his button play.

I play a very tight aggressive game and focus on easy money situations like isolation raises and positional awareness.Join the Single Plane Inner Circle. Discover the Single Plane Golf Swing and join thousands of others dedicated to mastering Moe Norman's golf swing.See all the different things made from wood, where wood comes from and how it is made ready for use, and how it is a natural resource that can be renewed.After the initial good responses to my first video, I decided that I wanted to continue making poker training videos.

Nonetheless, Phil Gordon does a good job of explaining basic strategy for tournament poker, although a lot of the stuff that gets talked about can also be used in cash games.

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I lose some all ins with big hands and have to fold an overpair or two during Trikkur 15.

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Gripsed Poker Coaching. 23,868 likes · 12 talking about this. Providing free poker videos and articles to. to the Gripsed YouTube. Part of this video.Check out our Kaleidoscope instructional video on the video tutorials page. Bloc Loc manufactures,.

From YouTube. This is a video. Engaging Third and Fourth-Grade Students in Assessment and Instruction. This video demonstrates how The Daily Five works in a.

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In this video i will be explaining about How BootStrap 3 Grid System Works.check out for the other. Join C# Corner. and millions of developer friends worldwide.Although a lot of people prefer to watch videos these days as opposed to reading books, there is still far fewer poker strategy DVDs when compared to the number of strategy books out there for you to buy.This video is for the intermediate to advanced players that are already beating 100NL or 200NL games.In fact, you will probably pick up a hell of a lot of good concepts that you can take to the table.

I had just lost 16 buy-ins in that month and dropped down to 200NL to grind my bankroll back up.

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I am also building a collection of poker lessons that will focus on just one main subject for 15-20 minutes.


Unlike slots machines, video poker allows the player to use skill to beat the house. Play this popular game just like in Vegas. • FREE! For fun, real.

I take some alternative lines to the usual bet, bet, bet with my made hands and also made a few call downs with marginal hands for value.We manufacture high quality hitch-mounted motorcycle carriers and custom motorcycle. Instructional Videos. Visit Cam-Loc/Heavy Duty Haulers and Mini.Texas Holdem poker instructions for beginner poker players. Step by step how to play poker will have you at the table winning pots from friends or online.I had been running bad for a few weeks and you could hear the frustration in my voice.

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