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Ben je op zoek naar een Vespa LX slot voor je scooter bekijk dan ons grote assortiment Vespa. of wil je je slot vervangen voor een nieuw slot, ook dan kan je bij.Questions & Answers about Scooter Repair Manual Piaggio 1991-2009, Vespa. about Scooter Repair Manual Piaggio 1991-2009,. X9 1991-2009, Vespa ET, LX.Vespa LX 50 Pre-delivery Aesthetic inspection Appearance check: - Paintwork - Fitting of plastics - Scratches - Dirt Tightening torques inspection Lock check - Safety locks - clamping screws Safety locks Rear shock absorber upper fixing Rear shock absorber lower fixing.Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the flywheel magneto - Lock the rotation of the flywheel using the calliper spanner. - Remove the nut.

Nou heb ik een scooter staan waar van de sleutel is afgebroken in het slot maar hij staat op stuur slot hoe zit dat gaat mijn stuur slot ook zo open of moet ik hem.Vespa LX 50 Time Front suspension FRONT SUSPENSION Code Action Duration 003045 Steering tube - Replacement 003010 Front suspension - Service 003035 Shock absorber support and brake calliper - Replacement 001064 Odometer reel - Replacement 003044 Shock absorber cover - Replace-.Scooterbanden zelf vervangen?. Kettingslot van hoge kwaliteit, lengte 150cm geleverd inclusief 2 sleutels, ketting van 1.5m en slot geschikt voor brommers,.

Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the stator - Remove the three stator fixings shown in the photo - Remove the two pick-up fixings shown in the photo - Remove the stator with the wiring Refitting the stator - Refit the stator and flywheel carrying out the removal procedure in reverse, tightening the retainers to the specified torque.Vespa LX 50 Time Crankshaft RANKSHAFT Code Action Duration 001118 Main bearings - Replacement 001100 Clutch-side oil seal - Replacement 001099 Oil seal, flywheel side - Replacement 001117 Crankshaft - Replacement TIME - 125.Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description 020166Y Pin lock fitting tool 020261Y Starter spring fitting 020265Y Bearing fitting base 020325Y Pliers for brake-shoe springs 020329Y Mity-Vac vacuum-operated pump 020330Y Stroboscopic light to check timing TOOL - 19.Vespa LX 50 Braking system 1. Tank cover. 2 - Pump body. 3 - Brake lever. 4 - Pump plunger. 5- Oil delivery hose. 6 - Protection cap for air bleed screw. 7- Calliper. 8- Dust guard 9- Piston sealing ring.Vespa LX 50 Time Flywheel magneto MAGNETO FLYWHEEL Code Action Duration 001109 Cooling fan - Replacement 001173 Rotor - Replacement 001067 Stator - Fitting and Refitting 001058 Flywheel - Replacement 001087 Flywheel cover - Replacement TIME - 134.

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Vespa LX 50 Time Seat ADDLE Code Action Duration 004003 Saddle - Replacement 004131 Luggage rack support - Replacement TIME - 151.Vespa LX 50 Time Handlebar components HANDLEBAR COMPONENTS Code Action Duration 004066 Driving mirror - Replacement 002037 Brake or clutch lever - Replacement 002071 Left hand grip - Replacement 003001 Handlebar - Replacement 005017 Stop switch - Replacement 002024 Front brake pump - Removal and Re-.

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Vespa LX 50 Time Centre-stand TAND Code Action Duration 004004 Stand - Replacement 004171 Stand support plate - Replacement TIME - 139.

Vandaag wilde ik mijn slot van mijn buddy opendoen en dit ging opeens niet meer, ik kon namelijk vrij draaien zonder dat hij open ging.Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description 006029Y Punch for fitting fifth wheel seat on steer- ing tube 020004Y Punch for removing fifth wheels from headstock 020055Y Wrench for steering tube ring nut 020150Y Air heater support 020151Y Air heater.We pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among tuning enthusiast of all different backgrounds.Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting High fuel consumption HIGH FUEL CONSUMPTION Possible Cause Operation Air filter blocked or dirty.VESPA LX (LEADER) 125/150 4t VESPA S (LEADER M444M) euro 3 - 125 4t. New: Vespa Oil filter Leader ET/LX/GT/GTS/etc. slot $5.89. We've added a new item.get 2006 2013 vespa lx 50 4v scooter workshop repair service manual words, save 2006 2013 vespa lx 50 4v scooter workshop repair service manual pdf, download 2006.Montage van het vespazadel (slot) Sanders Tweewielers. Loading. Contactslot vervangen | Vespa LX/LXV - Duration: 3:15. Zandri Shop 15,028 views. 3:15.Vespa LX 50 Suspensions - Suitably hold the brake calliper - shock absorber attachment bracket - Fit a new oil seal and move it until it stops using the specific tool Specific tooling 020376Y Adaptor handle 020360Y 52x55-mm Adaptor - Assemble a new roller bearing on the shock ab-.

It is blocking advertisements and possibly other essential functions in our site.Deoriginele zijstandaard heeft 2 veren 1 dik en 1 dun.Wil je ze allebij vervangen dan. 2012.Dit slot bestaat uit: * 2 X. Vespa LX 4 Takt koop je hier.Deze...Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description 020335Y Magnetic support for dial gauge 020350Y Electrical system check instrument 020359Y 42x47-mm Adaptor 020376Y Adaptor handle 020412Y 15-mm guide TOOL - 21.Vespa LX 50 Engine Remove the tube passage seal from the crank- case shown in the figure Refitting To refit, perform the steps in the reverse direction to disassembly Remember to drain after refitting using the screw shown in the figure.

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INAL REDUCTION GEAR Code Action Duration 001010 Geared reduction unit - Service 001156 Gear reduction unit cover - Replace- ment 003065 Gear box oil - Replacement 004125 Rear wheel axle - Replacement TIME - 130.

Vespa LX 50 Engine - Firmly insert the crankshaft until the bearing rea- ches the end-of-stroke stop - Let the temperature of the half crankcase settle at the temperature of the crankshaft. - Again install the special crankcase separation plate NOT installing the crankshaft protection - During the assembly phase keep the central thrust screw loose.Brake disc or drum deformed Using a dial gauge, check the planarity of the disk with the wheel correctly fitted or the concentricity of the rear drum.

Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation to keep the cap in contact with the spark plug and the spark plug grounded but away from its hole.Uitlaat Vespa LX 2V 25; Variateur Vespa LX 2V 25; Voorvork Vespa LX 2V 25; Voorwiel Vespa LX 2V 25; 125CC GY6 Onderdelen; Carburateurs Edge Div scooter; CDI's Div.D), check the generator output volt- age is within 26 and 30 V at 3,000 rpm (this meas- urement must be carried out with the battery detached).As we compare Piaggio Vespa VX and Yamaha Fascino, we find major differences in Length(Yamaha Fascino length is greater than Vespa which provides comfortable ride for.Otherwise, replace it or adjust it respecting the al- lowable increases - Measure the internal diameter of the cylinder with a bore meter, according to the directions given in.Scooter, onderdelen, China, Vespa, Yiying, AGM, Iva, Benzhou, Boatian, Rover, Motormania. Vespa LX look-a-like onderdelen. Piaggio Zip onderdelen. Piaggio MP3.Vespa LX 50 Time Starter motor ELECTRICAL START-UP Code Action Duration 001020 Starter motor - Replacement 005045 Starter motor cable harness - Re- placement 001017 Starter sprocket wheel - Replace- ment 001021 Kick starter - Inspection 008008 Starter spring pack - Replacement.

Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting This section makes it possible to find the solutions to use in troubleshooting.Een maat van mij heeft mijn contactslot perongeluk gesloopt van mijn splinternieuwe Vespa Sprint. Als ik het contactslot zelf wil vervangen,. Vespa lx 50 2t Setup.Vespa LX 50 Chassis Footrest - Operate on the 3 screws shown in the figure once the glove-box and fairing have been removed.Vespa LX 50 Time Front wheel FRONT WHEEL Code Action Duration 004123 Front wheel - Replacement 003047 Front tyre - Replacement 003037 Front wheel rim - Replacement 003033 Front wheel hub- Replacement 002041 Front brake disc - Replacement 003034 Front wheel hub bearing - Replace-.Specific tooling 020004Y Punch for removing fifth wheels from.Vespa LX 50 Engine - Remove the three guide pins and the mobile half pulley.Vespa LX 50 Engine - Use new wrist pin snap rings. - Use new cylinder base gasket. - Before refitting carefully clean all the surfaces. - Use oil to be mixed during the fitting of the piston and the cylinder.

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View and Download VESPA LX 50 workshop manual online. Vespa LX 50. Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Slot packing system This type of engines foresees the use of one.

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Engine Poor performance POOR PERFORMANCE Possible Cause Operation Fuel nozzles or cock clogged or dirty.

Vespa LX 50 Engine Refitting the driven half-pulley bearing - Fit a new ball bearing with the specific tool. - Fit the ball bearing retention snap ring. - Fit the new roller bearing with the wording visible from the outside.Vespa LX 50 Time Driven pulley DRIVEN PULLEY - CLUTCH Code Action Duration 001012 Driven pulley - overhaul 001110 Driven pulley- Replacement 001022 Clutch - Replacement 001155 Clutch bell housing - Replacement TIME - 128.For each breakdown, a list of the possible causes and respective interventions is given.Crankcase - crankshaft Splitting the crankcase halves Remove the eight crankcase union fasteners.

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