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Implement extra spell gems. They don't work and will likely crash your client Quest stuff assumes you are passing in. + eq->slot = static_cast.

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You can buy mercs in Plane of Knowledge, or in any of the racial home towns - but for that race only.Everquest: The Newbie Zone FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Everquest.

Tank mercs pay attention to the MT role if it is assigned to them.

It will have HP, Mana, and Endurance on par with characters that do not have the gear to acquire rank 2 spells and abilities.

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Extra high-tech illumination for Merc’s. In Mercedes-AMG’s quest to use every two. It didn’t because it’s actually selling a build slot for an.

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer. The main plot follows a faction-driven quest. Players were able to earn the chance for a guaranteed slot in.I play a lvl 57 bst, and mercs are a fairly new thing to me still.They are designed for extra support or extra muscle in PvE encounters. The potion names the mercenary slot, so if you have multiple mercenaries,. Alternate quest.Installing the Tools:. - 14.4.15 - Added support for SOF's extra icon set. Fixed issue of Slot select=ALL and not saving correctly.

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EverQuest Accounts - Buy and Sell. 927. T5 Merc - Ruffly 25. Name Change MPG Trails complete for max resists DoN completed for extra buff slot Illusion.

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Mercenary Question (self.everquest). The quest line to get the J5 mercs should take you around 2. you can buy an extra merc slot and also have a Cleric handy if.

EQEmulator is an open-source Everquest emulation. Most of normal EQ mobs function like this and eliminates the need to use quest. Fixed ammo slot.The Healer and Tank mercenaries are similar to the Cleric and Warrior classes, the two most needed classes in the game.Warlock weapon question. This is different with melee because the DPS stats on the weapon are always best-in-slot,. You're just as well using quest greens or.A full group of 6 will get 22% more than a group of 3 people and 3 mercs.You can only have one merc at a time - to switch to a different type of merc (or upgrade to a new tier) you must first dismiss the old one, and buy a new merc.Or temporarily transfer ownership to the lower level player. - Steven S.As with the Cleric, they are never as good as a real player, however, they are much better than a silk class tanking.

In Underfoot, two new types of merc were introduced: melee and caster dps mercs (corresponding to rogues and wizards).Apprentice - on par with single group geared players, on spells and abilities that have a rank, it will have rank 1.Everquest Quest Information for Mercenary Recruitment. Home. News Archives;. I just finished this Task and did not get an extra mercenary slot BOGUS. and EQ is.I wrote this after returning back to Everquest after 10 years of break. but he can’t tank as good as the Mercenary, but the Mercenary doesn’t do damage either.These extra slots are available to all character on the account, but each character has to hire their own mercs.Mercenary Recruitment. Quest Giver: Mercenary Captain Cecille Requirements: 300 skill in Smithing, Tailoring, Jewelcrafting, Baking, Brewing, Pottery, and Fletching.Leveling from 100-110 in Legion. There is a large quest bonus at the end of each zone's main storyline that awards a large amount of. If you have extra gold,.

Void B grants you Tier 2, C grants you Tier 3, D grants you Tier 4, and E grants you Tier 5.Bot FAQ. Edit. Classic editor. A. Bots are basically like Mercenaries from EQ Live. This will list every item in every slot, with each slot number.A level 25 guard is in red outside and kills me when I come close.

Journeyman mercs are much better than Apprentice mercs, but have one weakness - they are more prone to run away.If your puller is set to the puller role they will not engage until your puller and the mobs chasing him are within 50 feet of camp.

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